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start a soup guides

Before starting a SOUP please download this helpful guide in the journey to starting a SOUP. Learn some organizing tips, learn from Detroit SOUP mistakes, and strategies to build your version of the dinner.

Start A SOUP Guide: English

Start A SOUP Guide: Spanish

SOUP Font & icon:

SOUP Font: Adhesive Letters JNL


Facebook cover images:

Big Lick SOUP

Madison SOUP

Huddersfield SOUP

Cleveland SOUP

Lansing SOUP

Bournemouth SOUP

St. Cloud SOUP

SOUP Flyers:

York SOUP Flyer

Truro SOUP Flyer

Stockton SOUP Flyer

Toledo SOUP Flyer

Northampton SOUP Flyer (1)

Stanislaus SOUP Flyer

Rock SOUP Flyer

Reading SOUP Flyer

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Brighton SOUP Flyer

How to SOUP:

Honolulu SOUP

Reading SOUP

Saginaw SOUP

Sydney SOUP

soup photos:

Columbus SOUP

Brighton SOUP

Walker SOUP

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Charlotsville SOUP

Flushing SOUP

soup logos:


Calgary SOUP

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Downend SOUP

Camden SOUP

Cardiff SOUP

Columbus SOUP

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Honolulu SOUP

Duluth SOUP


Leicester SOUP

Leeds SOUP

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Norwich SOUP

Mossley SOUP

Miami SOUP

Preston SOUP

Pittsburg SOUP

Poole SOUP

Orlando SOUP

South Shore SOUP

Southend SOUP

Saginaw SOUP

Pasco SOUP

Sutton SOUP

Stanislaus SOUP

Stockton SOUP

Reading SOUP


Vallejo SOUP

Toledo SOUP

Sydney SOUP

Fine City SOUP

Fort Wayne SOUP

Dudley SOUP

workshop tools

As you grow the dinners these tools will help you work with future presenters and how you can guide them in giving the best presentations.

Stockton SOUP Pitch Guide



video tutorials

Videos sharing how others showcase the work of SOUPs in their community.

Detroit SOUP: Funded

BBC: Can SOUP Change the World; Part 1

BBC: Can SOUP Change the World; Part 2

Detroit SOUP: 5th Anniversary

What is Stockton SOUP?

Dundee SOUP