ideator resources

Have you presented at a SOUP? Have you won a SOUP? Are you thinking of presenting at a future dinner?

nonprofit resources:

"Ten Keys to successful strategic planning for nonprofit and foundation leaders"

"strategic planning for SMALL nonprofits and emerging leaders"

"Logic Model Development Guide"

"non-profit earned income strategies- Where to start?"

"Living into your strategic Plan: A guide to implementation that gets results"

"ten Nonprofit funding Models"

"business Planning for Nonprofits"

"Theory of Change"

just getting started resources:

"Development Impact & You"

"Funding Innovation: A Practice Guide"

"How To Guide: Crowdfunding"

small business resources:

"From Start-up to scale"

"Which Legal Structure is Right
for my social enterprise?"

"Pitch Deck Primer"

community-based resources:

"Logic Model Development Guide"

"Funding Innovation: A Practice Guide"